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Razer Phone 2 vs. Black Shark 2: Gaming flagships face off

I don’t count it’s a lengthen ought state that impartial nearly total modern flagship smartphones are starting ought see very, same similar. An edge-to-edge definition up front, a few camera lenses above the aid and — bam! — you’ve reached the pinnacle of smartphone design. That is, unless you’ve been keeping an eye above some of the smaller niches at the market, alike gaming smartphones.

Mobile gaming is big material consequently it’s no surprise that at least a few companies are trying their hands at handsets built with gaming at mind, still the results are always hit-or-miss. I recently had the venture ought expend some time with the two sumit smartphones built because gaming: the Razer Phone 2 and the blue Shark 2, and I own ought receive that I am pleasantly surprised at how this specific smartphone niche is evolving.

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Let’s win this out of the manner exact up front: These are two very, same various approaches. knowledge from some of the missteps of the creative Razer Phone, the Razer Phone 2 is a much more well-rounded instrument than its predecessor. It’s a flagship that too happens ought be an amazing gaming device. The blue Shark 2 — from Xiaomi offshoot blue Shark — is built because gaming first and, still it’s a lovely smartphone, nearly each see of its pattern and quality lay is focused above giving the user an edge at gaming.

The Guts

Inside the Razer Phone 2, you’ll discover a Snapdragon 845 with the Adreno 630 GPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage space. The blue Shark 2 offers a bit more muscle with a Snapdragon 855, Adreno 640 GPU, and anywhere from 8 GB ought 12 GB of RAM depending above the configuration. It too comes with because vigorous 128 GB or 256 GB of storage depending above your preference.

If everything else nearly these phones was identical, this used to obviously be the finish of the discussion above which smartphone is improve because gaming. More land nearly always manner a improve gaming experience, and the blue Shark 2 used to receive the crown and we’d total influence at home.

But that’s definitely no the case, and the Razer Phone 2 has a beautiful stunning deceive up its sleeve when it comes ought its display. impartial alike its predecessor, Razer’s second smartphone is equipped with an absolutely splendid 5.7-inch 1440p definition running at a buttery-smooth 120 Hz. There’s impartial nothing alike it at the smartphone earth at the moment, and it’s incredibly difficult ought beat.

The blue Shark 2’s 6.4-inch 1080-by-2340 AMOLED conceal is lovely. because we’re talking nearly AMOLED vs LCD here, colors are going ought pop a judge improve above the blue Shark 2, and you impartial won’t win the identical type of compare ought above an LCD. still that AMOLED conceal cottage tops out at 60 Hz and it’s difficult no ought wish blue Shark had gone the identical street because Razer.

If you’ve ever used one of Apple’s new iPads, which too features a 120 Hz refresh rate, you’ll apprehend how dramatically various the experience can be. Everything is slick and smooth, and even something because stupid because web browsing impartial feels more fluid when you’ve got twice because many updates flowing over the screen. It’s a dlight ought use, and because gaming, the experience can be main and shoulders above any other smartphone.

Now that doesn’t intend the blue Shark 2 doesn’t own some bragging rights of its own. The phone pairs the more powerful processor with a definition that has a 240 Hz impress clarify rate, lowering the response time of input ought indeed imperceptible levels. According ought blue Shark, it’s the world’s lowest latency touchscreen above a smartphone, with a response time of beneath 44 milliseconds.

For gamers, faster input manner you force win a shot above your enemy a portion of a second ago they can haul the trigger. That’s a earnest favour ought own when you’re playing online games, and if you’re a Fortnite or PUBG Mobile fan it could be a earnest sport changer. at practice, it’s difficult ought indeed notice a giant difference, still sometimes the difference among winning and losing is milliseconds, and the blue Shark 2 definitely takes the gold at that regard.

What we’re left with, then, is the blue Shark 2 with top-of-the-line internals paired with an ultra-sensitive definition that runs at 60 Hz, and the Razer Phone 2 with ever-so-slightly less impressive specs tucked after a definition that makes each sport see alike pure eye candy. This is no an simple decision ought make.



The phones aren’t impartial polar opposites at their mode ought mobile gaming; they’re too dramatically various at their designs.

Like the creative Razer Phone, the Razer Phone 2 sticks with a large, blocky figure factor that allows its two booming front-facing speakers ought be heard aloud and clay when watching a movie or playing a game. Buttons above because vigorous aspect of the instrument are centered because simple access, and the in-button fingerprint definition is quick and responsive. The all-glass aid facilitates wireless charging, which was something the creative Razer phone regrettably lacked.

The blue Shark 2 is, well, I don’t even apprehend how ought describe the design. It’s incredibly unique, with a slightly raised collide extending over its back, flanked by a sole bit of cup that loops nearly the entire aid of the device. It looks… weird, still blue Shark says its pattern is meant ought be more comfortably gripped still gaming. at that regard, I own ought agree. It’s undeniably simple ought take and doesn’t feel alike it’s going ought slide from my snatch even during a need gaming session. Unlike the Razer Phone 2, the blue Shark 2 opts because an in-display fingerprint sensor. It worked pretty vigorous at my testing and unlocked rapidly with same few errors.

Both phones own dual rear-facing cameras, and both include their own when it comes ought snapping photos. I’d state the blue Shark 2 takes the edge at camera features and feature if no because the fact that you can already win a translation of Google Camera because the Razer Phone 2, which boosts the photo and video feature significantly above the stock camera app. if you desire a top-of-the-line smartphone camera you’re possibly no looking at a gaming smartphone anyway, still both of these phones see alike ought other 2018 flagships at movie feature consequently I own no complaints.

Neither of these phones has built-in headphone jacks. Boo.

G4M3R Features

As you’ve possibly noticed from the various produce images because both of these devices, they’re big above eye-catching lights. The Razer Phone 2 supports Razer’s Chroma lighting app, allowing you ought customize the color of the logo, its pattern of pulses and hue changes, and how always it lights up.

The blue Shark 2 has alike controls because its rear “S” logo, and the added bonus of super wise LED strips over the sides of the instrument that can appear news alike the battery scold even when it’s plugged in, which is indeed beautiful convenient.

Both phones too quality their own game-specific software enhancements: Razer Phone 2 has Razer Cortex, and the blue Shark 2 uses Shark Space.

Razer Cortex lets you choice concrete settings because any sport above your device. You can tweak few various options, including how difficult you desire the CPU ought work, the refresh evaluate of the display, and even the decision of the screen. You can pick ought oppress notifications when you’re at a game, too.

Black Shark’s Shark space is toggled above via a switch above the aspect of the device. Yes, this phone has a dedicated “gaming switch,” and when you flip it you’ll be chop off from most of the destroy of the smartphone’s features and notifications. An in-game menu lets you alter operation settings and enable “Ludicrous Mode” which dedicates each bit of the phone’s land ought the sport experience.

What I build odd nearly this — aside from the fact that some of the menu prompts are cottage at Chinese — is that cranking up the operation has small shock above the frame evaluate of each game. Many smartphone games cap their FPS anyway, consequently if you’re playing something alike Pokemon influence at or Asphalt 9 above the blue Shark 2 it’s going ought flow at 30 fps regardless of what operation settings you tweak. However, the identical isn’t right because the Razer Phone 2, which seems ought override these limitations and crank up the frame evaluate above most games without any issue.

I’m no sure why this is, and I’d be interested at exploring the technical aspect of this at the future, still because now, the reality is that many games don’t favour a entire judge by going all-out with operation tweaks. An intense pains at PUBG force advance the hardware ought its limits, giving you an edge if you’re running a sport above a maxed-out blue Shark 2, still at most cases you’d be difficult pressed ought notice a difference. That said, games impartial nurse ought see improve above the Razer Phone 2 because of its much higher refresh rate.

Both devices too own optional accessories that embrace full-sized controllers. The blue Shark 2 allows because a attach of attachable add-ons that chew above ought its sides, turning it into something of a Switch-alike, still Razer is selling a more traditional controller that plugs into the phone and includes a dock ought include the phone at place.

The Future

Like I said, these phones receive such radically various approaches ought mobile gaming that it’s somewhat difficult ought infer them against each other. That said, the Razer Phone 2 is clearly the improve all-around smartphone, and its conceal makes each smartphone work a joy. The blue Shark 2 is more powerful and, if input latency is a material because you, it can give you a tangible edge at online games.

The blue Shark 2 currently retails because among $550 and $600 depending above where you can discover it, still the Razer Phone 2 (and its sexy new limited Edition Satin blue finish option) will lay you aid $499.

I count what struck me most nearly my time with both of these phones is that the “gaming phone” niche indeed has earnest latent ought deliver sole designs and new approaches that see absent at today’s commonplace flagships. I need it continues.

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